How big are the bottles?

Constance: 9.5in tall and 3.5in wide

Variance: Bourbon is 13in tall by 3.125in wide, Genìevre (Gin) is 11.25in tall by 2.75in wide, Agave (Tequila) is 9in tall by 3.5in wide, Rhum is 10.5in tall by 3.5in wide, Scotch is 10.25in tall by 3.25in wide & Vodka is 13.5in tall by 3in wide.

Intemperance: Rectangle is 11.5in tall 3.3in wide and 2.5in deep, Square is 9.25in tall, 3.125in wide and 3.125in deep, Round is 8.75in tall and 3.5in wide.

Cocktail: 11.25in tall and 2.75in wide.

How much to they hold?

All of our decanters are a standard 750ml. Your average bottle of booze will fit in there. (Top secret: cheap booze magically tastes better from a fancy decanter!)

Do they have to have a cork?

Due to our love of the vintage style bottle, we only create decanters that use stoppers or corks. We purchase our corks from a laboratory grade cork manufacturer, so you can rest assured they are the highest quality. We are currently working with a glass artist to create custom stoppers, join our mailing list or follow us on social media for the release date!

Can I put a name instead of a spirit title?

Of course! Just choose 'other' in the drop down menu and 'Add a note to your order' in the check out letting us know what you'd like it to say. Single words or names will go vertically (like the spirit titles) and multiple words usually look better horizontal. You can trust us, we will make it look great! Have more questions? Contact us

How Do We Ship?

We’ve designed and laser cut interlocking structures that fill the negative space in each box that create a perfect fit for every bottle you order. This ensures your decanters will arrive safely even when shipped across the country or handled poorly by delivery employees. Reclamation Etchworks believes that sustainability shouldn't have to compromise functionality. We use reclaimed materials whenever possible and this is prominently seen in our packaging system.     

Can you etch images?

We can etch almost anything that is black and white. We currently do not have the capacity to etch color images, but if you have a logo, line drawing or other image that looks great in B&W, Contact us! (.jpg or .ai files are best, but we can work with many types)

How long until I receive my decanter(s)?

We ask for 2 weeks to complete your order, but if you have a specific date you need it by, please add it to the "note in your order" at check out.

Why don't you make wine decanters?

Wine decanters serve the purpose of changing and evolving the flavor of the wine, while spirit decanters act solely as an aesthetic vessel. Because of that, wine decanters are a difficult shape to etch on. We are working on a way to create beautiful wine decanters with the laser, but we aren't there yet. Follow us on the social medias or join our mailing list to find out when we discover how to wine you!

Do you do wholesale orders?

Sure do! Contact us for our linesheet!

Can I get a discounted price for a large order?

You bet, Contact us with your ideas for a corporate give away, bridal party gifts or other quantity orders for an accurate quote.

Still don't see what you are looking for?

Contact us, we love to get creative and help make all your laser dreams come true!