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Reclamation Etchworks

The Bitter Susan

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Cocktail Bitters & Cheater Bottles

Reclamation Etchworks' Bitter Susan is an elegant way to display your cocktail bitters and cheater bottles, and an even more functional way to use them. 

Our Lazy Susan Design

Each Bitter Susan is built from quarter inch laser cut Wenge wood with brass rails and fixtures, mounted atop a convenient lazy susan. Included are 8 187ml cylindrical cheater/bitters bottles with your choice of customized names featuring our ornate design, and 6 equally customizable etched eyedroppers for more precise measurements. 


Each cheater bottle comes with a cork stopper, but we offer accessories (including smart Cocktail Kingdom dasher tops) at an add-on price basis to further customize your Bitter Susan.

While there are many customization options below please contact us directly to us for many, many more.

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