Spirit Decanter Sets for your Home Bar

By resurrecting an iconic home bar centerpiece through modern day technology, we offer a modern vessel that nods to the past, to house the spirits that lift yours. We create period inspired spirit decanters from salvaged bottles by laser etching permanent labels on them. Our supply of bottles are rescued from a broken and recycled fate by a community effort to reduce waste in the finest bars and restaurants in San Francisco’s vibrant culinary industry. Through a little creativity and some hard work we breathe new life into each bottle and give them another chance for a more permanent shelf life. 


How We Ship


We’ve designed and laser cut interlocking structures that fill the negative space in each box that create a perfect fit for every bottle you order. This ensures your decanters will arrive safely even when shipped across the country or handled poorly by delivery employees.  Reclamation Etchworks believes that sustainability shouldn't have to compromise functionality. We use reclaimed materials whenever possible and this is prominently seen in our packaging system.    


Product Photography by Kelly Pulieo