Earth Day: Do your part, enhance a bar cart


Reclamation Etchworks can reduce your footprint.

Caution: Your footprints may look stumbly.

It's Earth Day.  A day we feel both guilty for the state of our planet and the need to make more environmentally conscious decisions every year.  Well instead of drowning your sense of hopelessness for all humankind with a bottle of delicious rye whiskey, you can reward yourself with a beautifully decanted bottle of delicious rye whiskey that takes CO2 out of the atmosphere.  

RE: Reclaim, Repurpose, Reuse.

Reclamation Etchworks up-cycles.  Surely we are all familiar with the concept of recycling, where specific materials, like glass, are collected broken down to a raw state and then blown back into useable objects.  This is an amazing feat for the environment saving upwards of 40% of the energy used according to the Glass Packaging Institute.  However, up-cycling takes energy conservation one giant step further as the glass bottles do not need to be heated up to 2700ºF in order to begin their new life.  Instead, RE simply heats them up to a fraction of that temperature in accordance to standard sanitization requirements.  In fact, with the 2000+ bottles we’ve reclaimed this past year we have saved enough energy to prevent 2.3 tons of CO2 from being released into our atmosphere.  Not bad for year 1.  And it’s only going to get better.

With every bottle you purchase there is one less in the waste stream.

Not only do they come out of the waste stream but they stay out.  On average these bottles sit on a bar shelf for 3-6 month before they need to be broken down and remade.  After being repurposed and permanently engraved these reinvigorated decanters can now last a lifetime or longer.  So raise a toast to Mother Earth, may Father Time push Uncle Hangover outta bed before Grandma Boozy empties your entire home bar!


Reclamation Etchworks uses reclaimed materials whenever possible.  Thank you for supporting sustainable design. 

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