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by Timothy Daw | November 12, 2014

Whisky Regions of Scotland


When we were trying to figure out what to write about this month we felt a little inspired to pay tribute to Scotland and their amazing and unique way to craft delicious whisky.  Here’s to you Scotland.  You are a land of distinction.


This month we are introducing our Single Malt decanter set featuring 4 of our (many) favorite regions: Speyside, Highland, Islay & Lowland.  Are they really that different? You bet they are. How so? Glad you asked!



-The Speyside region was once just part of the larger Highland region, until it was recognized that the whiskies produced there had a different character, all of their own. Speyside malts tend to have a sweet, fruity flavor, and are more mellow that their smokier cousins.



-The Highland is the biggest region in Scotland, taking up most of the country. As a result, there is a wide variety of style produced there. Some dry, some sweet; some smoky, many not.



-While Islay is tiny in comparison to most of the other producing regions in Scotland, the character of the whiskies coming from this little island are easily the boldest, and most recognizable. The use of peat moss to stop the malting process (and sometime peaty water to boot) lends an incredibly dry and smoky taste to Islays whisky.



-Only three working distilleries remain in the Lowland region, but the light, delicate and aromatic notes of the whiskies produced there are desirable traits that warrant the Lowlands own regional distinction.

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Summer Cocktails with RE

by Timothy Daw | August 12, 2014


Summer cocktails

with Reclamation Etchworks

Part of the reason vodka is so dang popular is that it's sort of like a blank canvas on which to paint your own liquid masterpiece. Because it's literally designed to be flavorless, it magically takes on the flavors of whatever you pair it with, (think the tofu of the booze world). This makes it the ideal spirit for infusions. Surely you've seen these: chunks of months-old fruit floating in huge glass jars in your favorite fancy bar. Lychee-infused vodka, kumquat-infused vodka, cucumber/dandelion/pork chop-infused vodka. Whatever your heart desires. We took on the challenge, for the sake of this August newsletter, to find the best tasting, most refreshing, and most summer-timey vodka infusion for your mixing adventures. And we've finally found it.

It's called gin.



The name 'gin' is derived from geniêvre (French), jenever (Dutch) and ginepro (Italian), all of which mean "juniper".

I know, I know. I had a bad experience with gin at 21 too. Most of us have had a bad experience with every class of spirits in our early days, and yet it's always poor ol' gin that takes the heat. (Okay, sometimes tequila. Alright, a lot of times tequila.) But just as tequila is off the hook lately as the spirits available now vs then have increased exponentially in quality, so too should gin be. And we weren't misleading you with all that infused vodka business! Gin is nothing more than vodka with a bunch of delicious botanicals steeped in it. And these days, those botanicals range from the old school (juniper, citrus peel, bitter roots) to new and exciting flavors such as lavender, cardamom and sarsaparilla, like this month's featured spirit, Aviation American Gin.

This bright, floral, sometimes spicy spirit makes for the perfect summer cocktail, whether you're just enjoying it with tonic and a big squeeze of citrus, super clean in a dry martini, or want to get really fancy and get muddlin'. Its botanical backbone provides the structure needed to take your old vodka cocktail to the next level. At any rate, give gin another go. It's not just better than you remember- it might be your new favorite spirit.

We've included two cocktail recipes here celebrating both the new and old.



Summer Wedding Gift

by Timothy Daw | June 17, 2014

Summer Love

Going to any weddings this summer?

Ah, summer weddings.  True love, families reunited to laugh, cry and eat the worst, over-priced catering food you’ve ever regurgitated into your aunt's purse.  Faces will be smashed with cake, groomsmen will make you cringe and the awkward yet enthusiastic intergenerational dancing will be burned deep into your memory.

And then there’s the gift.  Do you get them that savory food juicer that they registered for or scour the whole internet for that perfect gift that references the crazy night in Vegas when all three of you came home with Britney Spears tattooed on your backs (I know, the show is amazing!).
How about something to commemorate the day?  Something that captures the newness of their names now permanently together.

How about a personalized set of decanters for their home bar?  Choose a set of their favorite four spirits with the names of the married couple and the date they made it official.  

And if nothing else, it will serve as a clear reminder for their anniversary because you know he's bound to forget.


The Reclamation Etchworks team

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